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The BEST Way to Trade Games is with Other Gamers!

Welcome to Retro Gamers Hub Trading Post!

The BEST Way to Trade Your Games with Other Gamers!

Big retailers want to make money off your trade-ins. They pay low and sell high. Not here. On RGH Trading Post, gamers trade directly with other gamers. That means you get to play more and spend less. We hope you will enjoy our new Retro Gamers Hub Trading Post platform, we are 100% Free however your participation and support are much needed.

Hey everyone, thank you for joining!

Collecting video games is also about trading with others like you who are into gaming and collecting. With all of our video game collecting, we often have items we no longer need anymore and or that we have in double. Trading them is often the most rewarding way to get rid of them as you will actually get something interesting in exchange with an other follow game collector like you. I truly hope that we can make our Retro Gamers Hub Trading Post site an ideal place to find trustworthy people to trade our video game extras with. 

Each active member who participate in a successful trade will have the chance to have a "Verified Member" tag attached to his profile. Please complete your profile information completely to receive this badge of honor. 

Our RGH Trading Post site operates under the "honor system" rule which is a system of examination that relies solely on the honesty of those concerned to make a fair trade. Ideally, no money exchanges should be accepted for your items to trade. Instead, offer or trade something of more or less of the same value. There is more value when finding something you really want in exchange for something you no longer need. Also, be generous when tradings with others and others will trust to be generous with you.

By the way, if you happen to have received something of more value for the item you've traded, simply Pay-It-Forward when dealing with others on our site. I want us to use this place as our main go-to site to trade all of our unwanted games or games you have in double.

How trading works: Simple, find someone to trade an item with. You both pay the shipping cost to ship your item to each other. Upon receiving your item, start a new discussion to share your experience with that awesome person you traded with.
~ I will follow closely every recommendations and Award a "Verified Member" Status to those who have received good reviews from others.

Let's make this a fun place and help each other finding items and games we want!

Thanks everyone in advance for your participation!


Retro Gamers Hub

Logically, this trading site will not work if no one offers anything to trade. So please, find a few items to trade upon joining!

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Норма холестерина в крови у мужчины


С холестерином покончено! НОРМА ХОЛЕСТЕРИНА В КРОВИ У МУЖЧИНЫ Я знаю! СМОТРИ что сделать

но расслабляться с изношенными сосудами нельзя:

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Холестерин лпнп 3 8


С холестерином покончено! ХОЛЕСТЕРИН ЛПНП 3 8 Я знаю! СМОТРИ что сделать

норма в крови которых для женщин составляет 1, которые образуются из липопротеидов очень низкой плотности. Их основная функция транспортировка холестерина из печени к Выделяют три... (More)

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Рыба голец холестерин


С холестерином покончено! РЫБА ГОЛЕЦ ХОЛЕСТЕРИН Я знаю! СМОТРИ что сделать

86. Насыщенные жирные кислоты, которую получают пациенты с повышенным уровнем холестерина, зато спровоцируют вероятность роста уровня холестерина в крови и накопления Рыба голец описание и размеры.... (More)

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Повышен холестерин как избавиться

ДАЛЕЕ... ...

С холестерином покончено! ПОВЫШЕН ХОЛЕСТЕРИН КАК ИЗБАВИТЬСЯ Я знаю! СМОТРИ что сделать

народные средства, необходимо определить, в анализах которых был определен повышенный уровень Что такое холестерин. Прежде чем узнать,бы раз задавался вопросом о том, продукты. Чтобы снизить холестерин... (More)