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Pay-It-Forward Retro Gamers is now officially open !

To join our Pay-It-Forward Retro Gamers Private Room, you will need to have built yourself a minimum reputation within our RGH Trading Post community. Each successful trade will earn you 10 RGH Coins, you will need to accumulate 50 RGH Coins to apply for this private group.

Within this group you can:

  1. Offer a specific game or item (please add a picture!)
  2. Accept an offer :: Indicate your interest for the Pay-It-Forward offer
  3. Make a Request for a specific item or game (read rules below before asking anything)

~ Please try to limit your posts within this group to make either your game offers, requests or to fulfill a members' game request. (Don't forget that if this is your first / initial request, you will also need beforehand propose a game to give to anyone part of the community in order to establish your honor!)

Once a member fulfill's a request (or made an offer), he will now be able to ask the group for a specific game he desires from the community (without proposing anything) ~ 1 request only per week (however, you can edit your post). Members should always help fulfilled any request from someone who already given to the community.

Don't forget, the member offering pays for shipping (unless the member accepting the offer lives in an other country, in this case the member will pay for the complete cost of shipping via Paypal only)

~ Also, understand that accepting an offer will engage you to offer something back to the community of the same value!

Our private Pay-It-Forward Retro Gamers group is first and far most composed of selected group of unique and unusual individuals who are truly retrogaming enthusiast, gamers at heart and passionate in classic and old school gaming; they highly enjoy playing and/or collecting of older personal computer, console, and arcade video games.

Our members are passionate gamers who can truly appreciate the creativity, art, ingenuity and talent behind some of the best retro games.


Our Pay-It-Forward group for Retro Gamers allows its community to help each other by trying to answer any request from one of its member for a particular game for any retro console, hand-held or computer he wishes; to either try-out and play or simply to add to his own collection.

As per the "Pay-It-Forward" concept, when you receive a "good dead" from one of our member, instead of paying them back, you will need to 'pay-it-forward' to someone else in the community by either:

  • 1. Answer someone else request.
  • 2. Suggest a game you own to the community.
  • 3. Give the game received back to the community.
    * Game return needs to be of the same or higher value (see pricecharting site to compare value)

You will need to do this rapidly within 7-8 days upon receiving your game. It is your responsibility to find someone part of the community else during that time. You will also need to confirm your "pay-it-forward" to the initial member who gave your game.

If you are unable to find someone during that time, you can ask for my help and for a time extension. Failing to find someone and/or ask for the time extension and mostly for a lack of communication of your part may result in a penalty and possible ban. You surely do not want to be blacklisted also on other trading Facebook groups.

*These rules may change or be adjusted accordingly over time, please check regularly for updates.


Take note that you can only make a single game request per week, choose wisely. Also, on your first and initial game request, you will also need to offer the community at the same time a similar game about the same value. If a member desires your game, you will need to ship it to him. Failing to do so, will penalize you greatly with a possible ban for been without honor or untrustworthy.

The person filling a request or offering a game is responsible for the cost of shipping. You cannot accept or offer a game from someone from an other country unless they offer to pay for the complete cost of overseas shipment.

For suggestions, ideas and comments, please send me a private message.


Please do not accept any offer if you are unable to Pay-It-Forward to the group, after all this is not a charity group or for people to donate their stuff.. the concept is to Pay-It-Forward !

Also, the member "OFFERING" is not oblige to send it to the person "accepting" his offer. It is up to them to decide if they have build a positive reputation within the group. Hopefully they would be an active member who has at least previously made some legitimate offers to the group and demonstrated their honor in some shape or form.

This is a private group.

Please request to join to see the content.